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2017 Landscape Calendar

Find peace, beauty and tranquillity in the 12 images that Mandy has hand selected as her favorites throughout the past year. This visual celebration of our country pairs up perfectly with hand drawn typographic quotes by Erik Schwan - like apple pie and the Fourth of July! This calendar includes major holidays, moon phases and even a handful of Mandy's personal favorite holidays.


2017 Waterfall Calendar

The driving force of all nature is on display in this curated collection of Mandy's favorite waterfalls. Reflect on life and dream of dipping your toes in these natural beauties yourself, but don't wait too long - this is a limited edition printing of just 100, so pick one up before they're gone!

2017 Calendar Bundle

Every new day brings new choices - but Mandy has helped you make an easy one by bundling these calendars together. Keep one at home and one in your office (whether thats a teardrop trailer or not is entirely up to you). Or pass one on to a friend or family member who might need a little push back into nature.



SOLD OUT! (Landscape only available)

Grand Teton Magnet Collection (4)

The Grand Tetons have provided a place of magical enlightenment for Mandy, and now you can find the same inspiration on your lunch break! Stick these puppies on your fridge and your midnight snack runs will never be more exciting!

Vinyl Stickers

Show your support for Mandy Lea and enthusiasm for the outdoors with these stylish and durable vinyl stickers! The adventurous thoughts of Mandy are eloquently illustrated by designer Erik Schwan. "Love & Light" measures 2.5"x5.75", while the "Mountains" measures 3"x3".

"The Mountains.." SOLD OUT
"Love & Light" Available

Fine Art Wall Decor

Looking to add some natural beauty to your home? Browse Mandy's landscape gallery and order the perfect product for your home. Choose between metal prints, canvas wraps, or traditional fine art prints. It's the fastest way to create a window into a new world!